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Investment Trust Insider - Videos

Why renewables’ fingers are crossed on Labour energy plans

Ben Guest of Gresham House Energy Storage investment trust explains why Labour party plans to nationalise National Grid may not disrupt the development of renewable energy.

Picton: Homebase wanted ‘massive’ rent cut, we said no

Michael Morris, chief executive of Picton Property Income, discusses the challenges and opportunities facing landlords and real estate investors.

Pantheon: automation driving a ‘renaissance’ in private equity

Andrew Lebus of Pantheon International discusses the software revolution re-energising prospects for unquoted companies outside the turbulence of public stock markets.

Gavatar – what are private equity investment trusts?

If you’re just getting to know investment trusts you might think they only invest in shares – or the equity – of companies listed on public stock markets like the London Stock Exchange.

‘We’re not greedy foreigners trying to destroy Japan’

Joe Bauernfreund of AVI Japan Opportunities explains how the new investment trust is helping shake up the country’s cosy corporate culture and release huge value in its smaller companies.

Austin Forey: I don’t have to gear to beat emerging markets!

JPMorgan Emerging Markets manager expresses confidence about prospects and explains how his investment trust has trounced its sister open-ended fund over 21 years without the help of borrowing.

What are ‘split capital’ investment trusts?

‘Splits’ get their name because they offer more than one share class to investors. Gavatar explains why they do this and how they work.

What is the difference between ‘investment trusts’ and ‘investment companies’?

Gavatar explains the meaning of the two terms frequently applied to funds listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Brexit Meltdown: are property trusts better than funds?

With investors again pulling money from commercial property funds, our panel of experts debate the best way to access bricks and mortar and what the City regulator should do to avoid a damaging repeat of the 2016 fund suspensions.

Hugh Young: the buck stops with me on Asia recovery

Veteran Asia Pacific fund manager Hugh Young discusses how he is going to improve the performance of Aberdeen Standard Asia Focus and the other investment trusts run by his team.